Mar. 4, 2013

INFRA Technologies presented at MIT Energy Showcase 2013

INFRA Technologies, a technology company, which has developed and patented a proprietary Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) technology (INFRA.xtl), based on the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process, for the production of light synthetic oil and clean liquid synthetic transportation fuels from natural and associated gas, as well as from biomass and other fossil fuels (XTL), presented at the MIT Energy Showcase 2013 and the MIT Energy Conference on March 1-2, 2013 in Boston, USA.

With this year’s theme of “From Idea to Impact: Collaborating to Meet Global Energy Challenges,” the annual MIT Energy Conference brings together leaders in industry, academia, government, and finance to deliver critical knowledge and independent analysis on emerging trends in energy technologies policies and markets.

INFRA presented the current status of the development of its small-scale (100 bpd) modular container-size GTL units for the production of synthetic crude, which allow to monetize associated and shale gas reservoirs.