INFRA produces a proprietary, patented high productivity catalyst for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis step of the GTL process

S2 catalyst is the second FT catalyst developed and produced by INFRA. It was developed to improve reliability of operations over the prior version of the catalyst. Catalyst runs in our pilot facility have accumulated > 15,000 hours of successful performance.

The catalyst belongs to a family of pelletized catalysts for fixed-bed catalytic reactors. It appears as black cylindrical granules with a slight metallic reflection. The main function is the catalysis of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, i.e., the reaction between carbon monoxide and hydrogen with the formation of heavier hydrocarbons, mostly liquid hydrocarbons C5+. Metallic cobalt is the main active component.

INFRA has started S2 industrial production at its own catalyst factory. Also, the catalyst will be manufactured under license with a major US manufacturer.

The main features of INFRA S2 catalyst are:

  • Pellet Size: 1.5 mm diameter x 3-6 mm length
  • Crush Strength Test: No less than 1 kg/pellet for radial loading
  • Cobalt Content: 20% by weight
  • Operating Pressure: 15 — 24 bar
  • Operating Temperature: 170 — 260 °C
  • Output Product: Light synthetic oil with EOB 360 °C, which consists of gasoline and diesel fractions only, little to no waxes
  • α-coefficient: 0.77 (liquid fuel)

The advantages and special features of INFRA S2 include:

  • High Productivity: Approximately 300 g/l/hr
  • Bifunctional Operation: The Fischer-Tropsch reaction is accompanied by cracking and other processes, which provide no-wax liquid product
  • Ultralow Pressure Drop in Fixed-Bed Reactors: The pressure drop across a high fixed-bed reactor is below 0.5 bar