M100, USA

INFRA designed and built a modular, transportable GTL (gas-to-liquid) M100 plant for processing natural and associated gas into synthetic crude oil near Houston (Texas, USA).

M100 has been acquired by a joint venture, including Greenway Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: GWTI), a company that has developed a proprietary GTL syngas conversion system.

M100 will combine Greenway’s patent-pending G-Reformer™ natural gas reforming technology with INFRA’s unique proprietary Fischer-Tropsch (FT) system, as well as a number of commercially available technologies integrated into the high-productivity and efficient flowsheet.

The company plans to operate the plant on a commercial basis and sell synthetic crude oil. Synthetic crude oil is a mixture of gasoline and diesel fractions in a 60/40 proportion. Up to 45% of kerosene fraction.

The facility is initially expected to yield in excess of 75 barrels per day of gasoline and diesel fuels from converted natural gas. M100’s process equipment footprint is only 4,000 square feet.

M100 will have the capability to test and optimize various configurations of the GTL process, as well as expedite the engineering certifications necessary to license technology to the clients in the oil & gas industry. The successful demonstration of patented and proprietary technologies at this GTL facility will give fresh start to further technology development and allow the stakeholders to participate in a number of other GTL projects worldwide.

M100’s project capital investment is several times lower than for other comparable technologies.

The combined G-Reformer and FT system can be used with multiple feedstock sources: Biomass, Coal, Landfill Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Refinery Flue Gas, and Associated Gas from Oil and Gas production which is normally flared to the atmosphere or not utilized.