INFRA offers a range of services from evaluating the feasibility of a GTL facility to assisting with getting it built and operated.


Business Services

INFRA provides Conceptual Design and Feasibility Studies for INFRA GTL plants in order to help the client and/or EPC contractor to identify goals and objectives, formulate definition of a project and evaluate its economic and  viability.

At this phase INFRA completes adequate engineering necessary to establish project requirements, analyze options, present technical details and develop a cost estimate, financial sensitivity analysis and preliminary project schedule. Correct scope definition at an early stage is key to the project’s success.

Engineering Services

For the Fischer-Tropsch block, INFRA provides integrated solutions, production process and engineering documentation of sufficient quality and depth to adequately define the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement and construction and to support ±10 percent cost estimate.

For other plant systems (reforming, fuel upgrading, balance of the plant) INFRA works with its partners (licensors, equipment vendors, engineering companies) to help client and/or EPC contractor to develop required set of documentation to fully assess the project.

Owner’s Engineer

INFRA has assembled an outstanding engineering team which will assist the client with project execution at every step of the way from design, engineering, procurement and construction to installation and commissioning.

Servicing and Maintenance

INFRA provides regular servicing and maintenance of the Fischer-Tropsch block of INFRA GTL plants with a view to reduce downtime and increase resilience against interruptions.


Operator Training

INFRA ensures training of operators for INFRA GTL plants at its training facilities in the United States.


Catalyst Change

INFRA provides full-cycle services for changing Fischer-Tropsch catalyst for INFRA GTL plants.